ADPH gives tips for holding workplaces accountable during pandemic

ADPH on COVID-19 and the workplace

TUSCALOOSA , Ala. (WBRC) - One of the most common areas the virus spreads is the workplace. There are steps employees can take to make sure their workplace is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. State health officials said you can hold your job accountable.

First, speak to your HR department about issues you have involving maybe not proper cleaning, no face coverings, no hand sanitizer provided or maybe not enough social distancing from your coworkers.

Then you can either contact OSHA or the Alabama Department of Public Health. OSHA usually deals with plants and ADPH usually deals with restaurant complaints. You can file one anonymously.

Usually officials will check it out and issue a warning to explain the state guidelines to keep employees safe before suspending their permit.

“I think the overall message is that employees and employers just like all of we citizens of Alabama need to be looking at this information and working together to protect our state, protect our communities at the time of this pandemic,” said Dr. Karen Landers, Alabama Department of Public Health district medical officer.

WBRC has received a call about employers not reporting coronavirus cases to the state. Dr. Landers said positive reports of COVID-19 are already passed on to ADPH. The department creates a case investigation and a contact tracing of that patient, which includes where they work and who they’ve been around.

You can find contact information for the ADPH here and for OSHA here.

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