Le Fresca Restaurant takes extra precautions after employees were exposed to COVID-19

Restaurants close after COVID-19 exposure

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Several local restaurants have closed in the past week, after learning employees and patrons had been exposed to COVID-19.

The owner of Le Fresca Restaurant, Marco Butturini, shut down his restaurant in Downtown Birmingham last Wednesday when he found out one of his dine-in customers tested positive for COVID-19.

Butturini said he couldn’t remain open in good conscious knowing someone with the virus had been inside and interacted with several people.

That’s when he made the decision to close for two days.

He and his staff immediately went to Legion Field to get tested and stayed at home until their results came back on Friday.

Thankfully, everyone’s results came back negative, but Butturini said he wanted to make sure his restaurant was properly disinfected, so he called in some professionals.

“This poor guy was inside my building for over three hours and he just completely cleaned. He went through two different solutions first one for cleaning the air and cleaning my air conditioning, and then the second one completely blasted all the restaurant inside and outside the kitchen all the surfaces with this new solution that basically for 90 days the coronavirus will not live in my restaurant,” Butturini said.

Le Fresca has reopened, but Butturini recommends getting a reservation, if you plan to dine-in.

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