Is carrying a gun illegal while wearing a mask?

Masks don't impact ability to carry firearm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Facebook post is circulating that claims wearing a mask removes the right to conceal carry a firearm.

That is not true.

In states where a mask law is applicable, it does not apply to the pandemic, and it never applied in Alabama.

Carrying a gun in Alabama while wearing a mask is not illegal, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's office.

Both the spokesperson and I combed through 29 pages of Alabama state law on guns and were unable to find any mention of a mask or face covering of any kind.

If you want to peruse it yourself, click here

Spokesperson Sergeant Joni Money says, their office has been fielding dozens of calls with the same question.

"If there is now law, there is nothing to enforce," she said in a statement to FOX 6.

I also reached out to the state's attorney's office, the FBI and the ATF, and learned there is no federal law either.

A spokesperson for the ATF in Nashville who answered the phone after hours told FOX 6 that it's up to the individual state.

The closest state with a law restricting masks is Georgia, and they suspended the law due to the pandemic, according to the Associated Press.

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