Special education teachers gear up for challenges in the fall

Special needs teaching during a pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - While school districts are trying to figure out how to plan their fall semester during a pandemic, teachers who work with students with learning disabilities are getting ready for new challenges.

The first step was making sure students got a computer with a webcam to get the support they need.

“Students with learning disabilities need to be able to see the teacher,” said Crear-Horton, who works in special education with fifth and sixth graders in Midfield Schools.

Miss Horton, a beloved teacher in Midfield, began teaching digitally this spring.

For students who struggle with reading and writing, technology has provided helpful tools.

“Voice typing has been very beneficial,” said Crear-Horton.

Through the online programs, students can have sentences read and re-read to them as well.

"It makes them independent learners."

There are some things that simply can't be done outside of the classroom,.

“If I am not able to place my hand over the child’s hand to assist them with writing a letter or number, it is virtually impossible,” said Crear-Horton.

That's when parents, turned teachers, come into play.

“Without the parents, virtual learning would not be possible,”

She spent two weeks this spring walking parents through how to use the technology so they could work with their students.

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