More money from small business relief fund given to Tuscaloosa businesses

Tuscaloosa small businesses get help from relief fund

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Members of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama joined Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox when he hand delivered checks to businesses getting money from the Chamber’s small business relief fund.

“I think it’s extremely successful because you see it going to small businesses throughout our city that really felt the impact of COVID-19. And it’s helping to save hundreds, if not thousands of jobs across Tuscaloosa,” Maddox said Friday.

Duke’s is one of three businesses which got money Friday.

The women’s clothing store was forced to shut down like many others due to coronavirus. Although online business has surged, in-store in-person sales are down sharply.

“For them to come and deliver the check it just shows people care about our community and want to see businesses thrive after this crisis,” according to Virginia Adair, a salesperson at the business since February.

Maddox added, to date, $600,000 has been given to 123 small business in Tuscaloosa to help them stay through August or September.

“These small businesses have earned a refund on many of the taxes they’ve paid over the years. I’m glad we’re able to do a to do a little bit to help them,” Maddox said.

Around $400,000 remaining from the city’s contribution to that small business relief fund go out the eligible business in the city.

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