Fireworks are a nuisance - and illegal - in Birmingham at all hours

Fireworks at all hours a nuisance - and illegal - in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With a little over a week until the Fourth of July, people aren’t holding off on setting off their fireworks.

All night long... the pop, crackle and bang of fireworks.

“People can mistake them for gunshots, we do get those calls as well,” said Rodarius Mauldin, spokesperson for the Birmingham Police Department.

Fireworks are illegal within the city limits of Birmingham, but that's not stopping some.

“Over the weekend, we did have a spike in our fireworks calls that have gone out, we are seeing a spike in calls,” said Mauldin.

In addition to noise complaints, injuries from misusing fireworks spike this time of year.

“You have the risk of small kids being unattended with fireworks, so we want to make sure people know fireworks are illegal in the city limits of Birmingham,” said Mauldin.

Their recommendation is to check out a professional display like Thunder on the Mountain.

“If you want to see a fireworks show, go somewhere safe,” said Mauldin.

WBRC is the official partner of Thunder on the Mountain so you can watch it on WBRC FOX6 on July 4 at 9 p.m. or on the WBRC app.

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