NASCAR releases photo of noose found in garage of Bubba Wallace

NASCAR still investigating Wallace incident

TALLADEGA, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: NASCAR released a photo Thursday afternoon of the noose that was found in the garage used by Bubba Wallace.

NASCAR has also reported details of its full investigation, which you can read here.

NASCAR releases a photo of the noose found at Talladega Superspeedway.
NASCAR releases a photo of the noose found at Talladega Superspeedway. (Source: NASCAR)

NASCAR President Steve Phelps spoke Thursday. He said NASCAR’s investigation is complete.

Phelps also said moving forward NASCAR will conduct further sweeps of the garage areas to make sure this never happens again. Additional security cameras will aslo be installed.

Phelps said NASCAR’s goal is to make sure all drivers, staff and fans are welcome at NASCAR.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps spoke Thursday in a teleconference

ORIGINAL: NASCAR continues to investigate the discovery of a rope tied into a noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega Motor Speedway. The FBI determined that the rope had been in the garage since last year.

The incident made headlines across the world; a possible hate crime happening in Alabama during a time of protest over the way African Americans are treated by police in the country. Learning that it may not have been a hate crime has left many wondering how to feel.

On Good Day Alabama Wednesday, Fox Sports Reporter Bob Pockrass says in his years of covering NASCAR it was unusual to see a noose used on a garage door. “It’s not common to see it tied that fashion. You do see various ropes. Some garages have been around 20 years. This is brand new. Maybe something about this garage system that is different from others,” he said

NASCAR is continuing to investigate how the noose was used. Talk on social media is that NASCAR may have overreacted to the investigation.

“Everybody has been a little bit concerned about Bubba Wallace’s safety. You can see how people felt a little bit more concerned than they would normally would,” Pockrass said.

The discovery of the noose led to an emotional reaction at Talladega Monday before the race, with NASCAR drivers lining up to show support for Wallace. Wallace in a CNN interview Tuesday says the first news of the incident shook him. “It was a noose whether or not it was tied in 2019 or whatever. It wasn’t directed at me. Somebody tied a noose, that is what I understand,” he said.

Wallace said he still appreciates the actions of NASCAR president Steve Phelps. “Showed the testament to him and the character he has and how he is representing the sport and how he not going to tolerate any racist acts or anything,” he said.

In a tweet today Wallace says he hopes the image of drivers coming together in that show of support will not be lost in the results of the investigation. Meanwhile he said any criticism he is getting, he is channeling into being competitive and trying to win the next race.

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