University of Alabama releases COVID-19 protocols for student athletes

Checking Tide athletes for COVID-19

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The University of Alabama released some details of the testing student-athletes are going through to keep them safe from coronavirus.

“We are focused on the health and safety of our players,” Dr. Stuart Bell, President of the University of Alabama told WBRC earlier this week.

Student-athletes were tested when they first came back to campus. They are required to go through training about prevention and mitigating COVID-19.

They are screened daily to check for symptoms related to coronavirus.

“The fact that we are monitoring at a daily basis to make sure that these players are healthy, that they’re safe and certainly the environment we have them in at the University of Alabama. We’re able to make sure multiple times a day that those facilities are clean,” Dr. Bell continued.

Still some football fans worry about the athletes’ safety from COVID-19 on the field.

“They’re not going to wear masks out there and each time they play they’re not going to wash, sanitize their hands. So it’s kind of difficult,” Dennis Hawkins worried. Workout groups are limited to 20 or less at a time.

Physical distancing is implemented in all workout facilities.

Athletes are no longer sharing towels or water bottles. Fans say the return of sports is a must to return things to a form of normalcy.

“Everybody is at home. Everybody is getting stir crazy. They need sports, sports is kind of a getaway,” Charles Boling added.

Dr. Bell said they expect to have sports played in the fall at the University, but they still aren’t saying how many fans will be allowed in the stands to watch those events live as they’re being played.

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