Tuscaloosa Bail Out works to help most vulnerable behind bars

Tuscaloosa Bail Out creating impact of cash bail system

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A recently formed group is raising money to help low-income inmates pay bond and get out of jail.

With more conversations being had surrounding racial injustice, police and criminal justice system reform, the group Tuscaloosa Bail Out felt the time was now to take a hard look at our own bail bond system in Tuscaloosa County.

In just one week they’ve already raised $7,000.

The group is made up of community members, some of which have legal and social work backgrounds. The group collectively will decide how to select who they’ll bond out and they also have volunteers give court date reminders and provide rides to court for those bailed out.

The goal is to raise awareness about the disproportionate impact the cash bail system has on communities of color and vulnerable populations to COVID-19 in Tuscaloosa County.

“It’s based on racist systems, homophobic systems and even classism, depending on how high your bail gets or the sort of sentencing you have. We’ve seen time and time again through other groups in Alabama like EJI that these judges are biased. We are really thinking about this as community intervention before we have mass incarceration,” said La’Kisha Emmanuel, co-founder of Tuscaloosa Bail Out.

If you like to help volunteer or donate to Tuscaloosa Bail Out click here.

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