6 Off Script: Meet Steve Crocker

Episode #8

6 Off Script: Meet Steve Crocker
6 Off Script episode 8: Meet Steve (Source: wbrc)

This week on 6 Off Script we meet Steve Croker.

Most WBRC viewers know Steve as the baritone behind the desk at 9 o’clock each night, delivering the day’s headlines in his signature calm demeanor.

When people meet Steve in person, the first thing they usually notice is his height. At 6-foot-6, Steve’s presence in a space speaks for itself. But those who work with Steve don’t attribute his commanding presence to his voice or his stature, they attribute it to his character.

In this week’s episode, Catherine and Jonathan mediate a conversation full of laughter and insight with WBRC’s 17-year veteran. You’ll learn a little about Steve’s past, his present and the lessons he’s picked up along the way.

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