Hospital capacity improves recently at DCH despite COVID-19

Tuscaloosa Mayor: ICU bed shortage improving

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Mayor Walt Maddox says Intensive Care Unit bed capacity at DCH Regional Medical Center is improving.

“Right now they’re at 20 bed capacity in ICU with the capability of creating more ICU,” Maddox said Thursday.

That’s why Maddox felt better than he did several weeks ago about DCH Regional Medical Center being overwhelmed when it comes to treating more patients for coronavirus.

“According to numbers from DCH, we do have capacity in ICU at the Regional Medical Center. That number has been in the 70 range,” he continued.

Maddox went on to say of the 70, the average has been 15 to 20 of those in Intensive Care have been COVID-19 patients.

Thursday, the number of hospitalizations dropped to 55. That’s lowest Tuscaloosa has experienced in a couple of weeks.

“So this is a good sign. But certainly, we’re not out of the woods yet because our numbers keep increasing. We’ve been fortunate in that most of the increases have been asymptomatic, which is why we have been able to continue in the reopening process,” he concluded.

Maddox said most of the new cases in Tuscaloosa are people who are asymptomatic.

Those patients can quarantine at home and don’t require the same level of care as people with severe symptoms of COVID-19.

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