Birmingham Housing Authority sees decrease in crime compared to last year

Birmingham Housing Authority sees decrease in crime compared to last year

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Representatives for The Housing Authority Birmingham District say there has been a significant decrease in criminal activity in public housing communities compared to this time last year.

There has been a 19.5% drop in overall crime in HABD communities according to data from the Birmingham Police Department.

HABD Public Safety Director Ken Foreman says the decrease shows that efforts to make communities safer is working. Since October 2019, HABD has continued to see a dip in criminal activity in its communities.

“Any drop in crime is good but 19.5% is very significant because it shows that positive things are happening.  What has led to the decrease is community policing verses the old style of only enforcement policing. It shows that we care about the people, and their safety is our highest priority.”

HABD says residents can expect to see a greater community police presence, updated guest list and trespass policies, neighborhood block watch, more security cameras and more community engagement efforts. Foreman says he plans to review HABD’s Firearm Policy, as well as create opportunities to better educate residents about responsible gun ownership and conflict resolution. In addition, BPD’s CSP will continue to conduct “street sweeps” in communities where higher incidents of crime are reported.

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