Tuscaloosa Cintas operation sells PPE to the public

Company sells PPE to Tuscaloosa community

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Cintas’ first ever Personal Protective Equipment sale in Tuscaloosa drew a crowd of customers on Tuesday.

Bonita Washington brought her daughter to pick up several items during her two trips here.

“Oh I had been out here earlier. Oh you were? I just went and got my daughter so she could get her some stuff,” Washington told WBRC.

Those items included disinfectant, hand sanitizer; and products like face masks, and even toilet paper.

“Well I got it for me, my mother-in-law, and my kids, my daughter in Georgia because it hard to find this stuff in Georgia,” she continued. It’s also been tough for people in Tuscaloosa to find P-P-E lately.

“We service a lot of customers, this area within about a two-hour radius, but that is all businesses that we have agreements with us. So we just realized a lot of these items are hard to come by for the general public. So we wanted to open it up to the public,” Jeff Davis, the General Manager for Cintas explained.

Cleaning and safety supplies continue to grow in importance, as the coronavirus pandemic stretches into a third month.

“It’s really important for the pandemic that’s going on. Just to make sure my family is safe,” Alicia Brown added.

That’s why Washington thought about making a third trip here. “I might get my husband, let him come back.”

Davis considered Cintas’ first P-P-E sale a success. He all but promised they would host another sale in the future.

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