Tuscaloosa to announce new police initiative in August

Changes for Tuscaloosa Police Department

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa Mayor Maddox said now is the time for local law enforcement to reconnect with the community and for the department to restore confidence in it for people in the public.

“There are so many situations we put law enforcement in an adversarial role that we don’t need to be doing,” Maddox said Tuesday.

That’s one change Tuscaloosa residents could see involving T-P-D according to Maddox. In coming weeks, he wants to announce a new policing initiative during a future meeting of the Public Safety Committee of the Tuscaloosa City Council.

“This is an opportunity to do two things. Number one, there is motivation now like I’ve never seen before in my lifetime to begin the process of really and truly connecting our law enforcement with the neighborhoods they serve and the second is to deal with these injustices in a systematic and strategic fashion,” Maddox went on to say.

Maddox said after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the reaction to it nationwide, he wants Tuscaloosa Police to establish meaningful relationships within the community.

He scheduled meetings with community leaders over the next two months to hear what their concerns are and to try to shape new policies around those measures.

People tells us the police in Tuscaloosa could do more in gaining the trust of all communities in the city.

“They do put people in dangerous situations. That may not be their intentions, but the way they move about — yeah they do, because they don’t interact with people on a regular to see how they’re actually doing,” according to Aliyah Braxton.

The announcement of some of these potential changes will be announced in the Tuscaloosa City Council Public Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday, August 11.

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