Birmingham business landscape in question due to pandemic

Uncertain future for B'ham businesses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - News that the beloved local coffee shop Urban Standard was shutting its doors this week stunned regular customers.

WBRC media partner, the Birmingham Business Journal says more business closures could be on the way. Restaurants, places like Urban Standard, have unique risks.

"The margin of a restaurant business of not being able to be open and being able to be open is very thin, and with capacity limitations it's just hard,” said Ty West, Editor of the Birmingham Business Journal.

Coffee shops aren't the only casualties.

"We're hearing it from all sides, all different types of companies, hotels, restaurants, event venues, but even beyond that, law firms, higher educational institutions,” he said.

Restaurants like Bamboo on 2nd were forced to adapt, offering carryout only, and seeing success.

"We have heard from a few restaurant owners who have similar experiences, Eugene’s Hot Chicken is a good example, their business in April was actually up,” says West.

Those who survive will have to be flexible.

"People are just going to have to constantly evolve and tweak their business models, and a lot of companies aren't used to doing that,” said West.

The next few months will be critical.

“Unfortunately, we would not be surprised to see some additional closures.”

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