DCH Regional Medical Center still below capacity due to COVID-19 patients

DCH Regional Medical Center still below capacity due to COVID-19 patients

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The number of patients testing positive for COVID-19 hospitalized in the Tuscaloosa area is holding steady.

DCH Regional Medical Center is not yet at capacity and they’re working to make sure it stays that way.

“We’re still OK it’s manageable, but it’s a fragile situation,” according to Andy North, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, described as it relates to the hospital’s capacity to treat patients.

Around 70 people are here being treated for coronavirus. They’re already thinking how they can care for more of them.

“We’ve expanded our capacity to 90 that we can handle in an ICU situation,” North continued.

Currently around 28 people are intensive care who are positive or under investigation as such.

Areas like the pre- and post operation areas for surgery or another way to create space if the number of COVID-19 spaces rise.

“That has basically 12 beds. We’re looking can we convert that to a limited usage space, maybe for lower acuity patients,” North added.

Hospital staff looks at number of patients overall. Sub divides that into how many test positive and are under investigation along with how many are in Intensive Care or need a ventilator to breath.

“Many of the COVID patients that are in the ICU are very sick and that’s adding extra stress to our staff,” North explained.

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North said people can help prevent more people from contracting COVID-19 and requiring medical care by wearing a face covering when out in public and by practicing social distancing.

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