Premiere Cinertainment Complex to reopen in Pell City

Premiere Cinertainment Complex to reopen in Pell City
(Source: Kenneth Smith/WBRC)

PELL CITY, Ala. (WBRC) - Pell City’s Premiere Cinertainment will re-open on Friday, June 19.

This follows the Governor’s recent announcements allowing Alabama cinemas to resume operations under certain guidelines and occupancy restrictions during the phased reopening of communities statewide.

“This is an important achievement and we are thrilled to reopen!” said Cinertainment Director Mark Vaughan. “We’ve missed our customers and I think they’re more-than-ready to return to Cinertainment for bowling and the big-screen experience.”

Cinertainment opened in 2019 with recliner seating with private swivel tables, bowling, arcade, and Pizza Pub lobby bar.

There are some operational changes meant to keep customers and employees safe.

Face masks remain optional for guests but staff will wear gloves and face masks and be temperature-screened.

New cashier partitions and hand sanitizer stations have been installed along with enhanced cleaning/sanitization protocols such as ongoing disinfecting of bowling balls, games, and theatre seats between shows.

New signage and floor markers similar to those in grocery stores are installed reminding people of social distancing recommendations, and show times are being staggered with more time between showings.

Premiere Cinertainment opens this week in Pell City.
Premiere Cinertainment opens this week in Pell City. (Source: Kenneth Smith/WBRC)

All of the auditoriums feature spacious recliners which allow guests to select and reserve their own seats online or in-person. Friends and family may all sit together while designated seats will be left unoccupied to achieve capacity and distancing guidelines allowing guests more privacy to spread out.

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