COVID-19 threat and young people

ADPH: Rise in cases among younger people

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This week the Alabama Health Department reported the death of a teenager and an infant connected to COVID-19. This raising concerns among health experts that young people may not doing all they can to protect themselves. The infant’s death is under investigation and could be related to other health issues. Still young people are urged to protect themselves and help protect older people around them.

Across the country more businesses and entertainment venues are opening up. One Birmingham man who has younger brothers and sisters says he is worried they are not taking the threat seriously.

“They are out here running around, not wearing a mask. Doing what they want to do. It’s crazy. People are dying from it,” Joe Conner said.

The death of a baby and a teenager in Alabama this week sends a message that everyone is at risk. “No one is impervious to this virus. Looking at the numbers people are lulled into a false sense of security with what can happen,” Dr. Wesley Willeford, with the Jefferson County Health Department said.

Willeford said if young people are not taking precautions to protect themselves they could get infected, posing a threat to themselves and those around them. “Younger people will come into contact with older folks. They will come into contact with their parents, their grandparents the people they will interact with in the community,” Willeford said.

There is a rare disease, Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome connected to COVID-19 in children. “It’s something that is relatively rare but could be devastating to a family," Willeford said.

This concerns Conner. “It’s sad. We can do better. Parents should be able to take care of their children. Cover them up,” Conner said.

The health department suggests taking all of the normal steps wearing face masks, social distancing, washing their hands.

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