Lakeshore Premiere Cinema set to re-open later this month

What will reopened cinemas look like?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Movie theaters are now allowed to reopen, but just how different will the experience be?

We spoke with the director of the Premiere Cinema at Lakeshore Wednesday.

They’ve been closed since March. And keep in mind, the theater just opened at the end of October 2019 so they hadn’t even made it to six months yet.

To say they’re excited to reopen is an understatement, but they’re making sure they’ve installed all the signage and hand sanitizing stations before opening their doors, even though they legally can right now.

All staff will now wear masks and gloves.

People will be spread out in the theater, but families and couples can sit together.

And now they’re allowing more time in between showings for staff to clean the theaters.

“We’re at a point now that there is so much going on, and I think that we’ve all been kind of stuck at home now for several months and people want a reason to go out," said Shaun Wilson, Director of Lakeshore Premiere Cinema. "People want a reason to go out and watch a movie, and laugh and just take the worries away of the world for a couple hours. So I think once everyone is comfortable about coming back, I think they’re going to come back in droves.”

Moviegoers won’t be required to wear masks at the Lakeshore Premiere Cinema, but it’s encouraged.

The Lakeshore, Bessemer and Gadsden locations are set to open June 26.

The Pell City location will reopen on June 19.

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