Gadsden Variety Store scheduled to close July 3

Gadsden Variety Store plans to close July 3

GADSDEN, Ala. (WBRC) - An iconic piece of downtown Gadsden may soon be going out of business.

The Gadsden Variety Store, which started out years ago as a McClellan’s Five and Ten Cent store, will close July 3 if another buyer decides not to keep it going.

It has become a meeting place in downtown Gadsden, especially during events such as First Friday. On the day we visited, a group of retirees sat down at one of the former deli tables to play a game of Mahjong.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the Self’s to close the deli for a few weeks, then only two of the deli’s five employees returned. The deli closed permanently June 6.

Self says the store is up for sale, and if someone were to want to keep the business going, he says business is good.

“Oh yeah, yeah, definitely. That’s what we hope for, that somebody will buy it, keep it going just like it is, whatever they want to do with it. But yeah, the building is for sale,” Self said.

Self says he hopes the new owner will consider keeping his three longtime employees who worked for him and the previous business owners, as far back as 18 years.

He says the business has beaten the odds of the current economy, but says he and his wife just want to retire.

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