DCH Chief Medical Officer shares latest COVID-19 concerns

COVID-19 Cases in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Dr. Robin Wilson says the number of patients needing hospital care because of coronavirus at DCH Regional Medical Center is less than it was two weeks ago.

"We’re just cautious with all the crowd distancing that’s not in place, individuals not wearing masks as much as we’d like,” Wilson explained.

Those are just some of the concerns Dr. Wilson, Chief Medical Officer for the DCH Health System shared with WBRC Tuesday. That’s also why he looks at the number of new cases daily, wants to know how many of them need to be in intensive care and do they need ventilators to breathe.

“We had 23 Tuscaloosa County residents who died with the disease, not maybe because of it, with a positive COVID-19 test. We had a fair number larger than that from surround counties," Wilson continued.

He says the DCH hospitals are nearing capacity some days. But they continue to expand the use of bed utilization to provide additional resources for patients with COVID-19 and those without.

“We are not out of this yet. It’s still very much in the thick of it. In fact, this is probably our first wave. Just an accelerated fashion versus what Montgomery and Mobile experienced 6 or 8 weeks ago,” Wilson added.

He went on to say people shouldn’t feel comfortable with coronavirus in the Tuscaloosa-area for another two to three months from now when we can see what the number of cases look like then. That’s when kids should be returning to school including students at the University of Alabama.

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