Almost 20% of Hoover school parents want full-time virtual school

Results of school survey released

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Over 18% of parents and teachers in Hoover said they’re not comfortable returning to campus this August.

These new numbers came into our newsroom as the state superintendent works to come up with some sort of road map for what the new school year could look like.

A little bit of background before we dive into the numbers: about a third of Hoover city school families and over half of all the system’s teachers responded to this survey. You can see 18.4% of both parents and teachers said they are not comfortable returning on campus this August.

About a third of both parents and teachers responded with “maybe,” meaning they need to know more before making a decision.

But what was most surprising to the Hoover city school system was this result: almost 20% of parents said they were interested in full-time virtual classes for the next school year.

The survey results showed that more parents of younger children opted for full-time virtual.

“It was very surprising,” said Dr. Ron Dodson with Hoover City Schools. “This was some thing that we had to do, it wasn’t necessarily something that we would’ve chosen to do for any other reason. We love our technology and use our technology extensively, but it was never our intention to run school that way.”

But virtually could possibly be the way school has to be run this coming school year, or it could be offered as an option.

We’re waiting to hear more details in the coming weeks from the state superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey.

Dr. Dodson said if conditions surrounding COVID-19 change significantly, they’ll consider sending out another survey.

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