Hundreds gather for peaceful protest at Legion Field

Peaceful protest at Legion Field

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The protest at Legion Field on Saturday was originally scheduled for Thursday, but due to threats, the organization LISTEN postponed until Saturday, but said regardless of when and where they protest their message is the same.

“The system needs to be broken down like the Berlin Wall, we need to break that system down," said one protester at Legion Field.

More than 200 people from all backgrounds gathered Saturday afternoon at the Old Gray Lady to come together for one cause.

“We want equality for every black person, we are tired of injustice, stop police brutality, and view us as the person next to you,” said Jaselle Houghtlin, a member of the LISTEN organization.

The peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter lasted a few hours, giving hope to all those who came that change can happen if they unite together.

“We can’t hide behind our masks anymore and we have to make a stand, and if all of us don’t, nothing’s going to change. Even though the monument was taken down and all that, we still have to change the perception that it’s a limited problem, it’s not, it’s a nationwide problem," said protester Julie Callaway.

“It’s beautiful to see everyone coming together for this topic and it makes me hopeful that we have so many different people coming that a change could happen and it needs to happen,” said Xsuela Douglas, a member of the LISTEN organization.

LISTEN, an organization created here in Birmingham last week in response to the death of George Floyd, said they’re here to give a voice to the unheard and it starts with voting. “Please go and vote, go let your voters know that this is it guys, this is it. You have to start giving people the equal amount of rights."

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