Police officers, ministers speak at Anniston rally on death of George Floyd

Peaceful rally in Anniston

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - A rally Thursday night to remember George Floyd and speak on what people say needs to change in America.

This rally was held in Anniston, in Zinn Park, right across the street from Anniston’s police headquarters, following Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis officer.

Among the speakers were Oxford police chief Bill Partridge and Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade, and a number of area pastors.

They all spoke out against police brutality that led to Floyd’s death, with the police officers promising to listen.

Many of the speakers urged the diverse crowd in attendance to come together, to fight police brutality and not be afraid to call out racism.

"I want to listen, I want to help. I care about each and every one of you. As your sheriff it's my job to care. We're all human. Mistakes happen. But what happened in Minnesota wasn't a mistake, it was murder," said Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade.

Levonda Moore, who drove from Atlanta to attend the rally, told a story of a woman she knew who was shot to death by police in her own front yard.

“There’s no more of that being silent. We’re going to have to bring our voices, we’re going to have to show our faces. People are going to have to see our hurt. This has been going on for generations and generations and generations,” Moore told the crowd.

Other law enforcement officers at the rally included Anniston’s police captains, Calhoun County deputies, including the chief deputy, and Jacksonville Police Chief Marcus Wood. Anniston City Manager Stephen Folks also attended.

Wade praised those who took part in a march in Anniston over the weekend for making it peaceful.

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