Youth march and rally planned for downtown Tuscaloosa

SCLC youth coalition march

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A youth rally and march has been one of several events in Tuscaloosa this week geared towards addressing racial injustice and the killing of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis.

A youth march was scheduled to start at government plaza at 5:30pm to bring together Tuscaloosa’s youth and one of the oldest civil rights organizations in America.

“We hope to get the message out to our youth that we can all stand up, to show them can actually organize and plan it and have a good outcome,” explained 18 year-old Zyler Wilson. He and others also met with Tuscaloosa businessman Danny Steele who helped organize the event through the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the NAACP.

The rally offers a call to end police brutality. Speakers will call upon the youth to help lead local civil rights organizations and take a more role those civil rights groups and solving the racial problems we face.

"We are here to bring social change and we know that there are some good policemen, some bad police. We just want to bring attention to the injustice we face from police departments around the world,” Steele said.

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