Cleanup goes on in downtown Birmingham following’s Sunday’s vandalism

Clean up continues after Sunday's violent protests in B'ham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Clean up continues for buildings and businesses damaged by Sunday’s protest that turned violent in Birmingham.

Dozens of volunteers, including comedian Roy Wood Jr spent Monday cleaning up after vandals smashed the windows out at Adams’ Eye Care along historic 5th Avenue North.

“They stayed all day. They bought food, water and love and support,” said Dr. Juanakee Adams who has been practicing in this location for over thirty years..

Adams said, “I understand their plight and I sympathize, but vandalism is not the answer.”

Hugs and Kisses, a daycare for mildly to chronically ill children is next door, and it’s boarded up as well.

Dr. Jackqueline Stewart put up a sign on the door that says “African American Business.. we are praying for peace.”

Other businesses are also boarding up out of precaution for more possible unrest. Adams tells us if people knew the history of this block, then they would think twice about destroying it.

Adams said, “This is the historical civil rights district three, long-standing businesses you don’t know your history and its sad you don’t know your history, you’re doomed to repeat it. Next time I would appreciate you thinking, “Did it bring you some type of relief?” If you see somebody like me, did you know you were doing something like this to me?”

“Dr. Adams says she and her business aren’t going anywhere she says she’s blessed by all the support she’s received so far.

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