Homewood rally offers raw look at Black Lives Matter goals

Rally held for George Floyd in Homewood

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) - The rally had hundreds in attendance Tuesday afternoon in the Homewood Park.

"When George Floyd said I can’t breathe, the officer heard that,” said one rally member.

Attendees came to listen.

"European culture, must be intentional about supporting African American, North American communities,” said another.

To share their stories.

"My mom is terrified every time I go to Homewood, every time I go to Hoover, she called me on the way here telling me to be extra safe because the cops in Homewood do not play,” said one young man.

They came to rally for action.

"They see you here. They will hear you at the ballots,” said one young woman.

They explained their history.

"My aunt and uncle marched on Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama,” said another woman.

And they showed what 8 minutes and 46 seconds looked like, and sounded like. Hundreds of attendees laid on the ground for that amount of time… the same time period George Floyd was pinned on the ground, a knee on his neck by a Minneapolis Police Officer.

"Mama. I can’t breathe,” an organizer commentated during the demonstration, reciting Floyd’s words.

After the emotional experience, they comforted each other.

"Never ever feel bad about your tears, and your sadness, and your hurt,” said an organizer.

A couple of people were detained, but no one was arrested.

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