Church of the Highlands pastor issues apology amid social media controversy

Highlands pastor social media controversy

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We're hearing from a former Church of the Highlands member after Instagram posts show its pastor liking some controversial posts.

Jeffrey Wright and his wife first joined Church of the Highlands in 2008 with Pastor Chris Hodges as lead pastor. The church is one of the largest in Alabama.

Wright says they loved the church so much they even encouraged their friends to join. But shortly after Donald Trump ran for President, Wright saw church leadership showing support for a candidate who Wright believed didn’t show support for the black members of the church. So he left the church in 2017.

And this past week, some screen grabs came out showing Pastor Hodges’ following and liking Charlie Kirk’s Instagram account. Kirk founded Turning Point USA - a conservative and controversial student organization.

One post even showed Kirk liking a post which says Charlie Kirk flawlessly debunks “white privilege.”

This past weekend, Pastor Hodges responded to the images.

“Some saw something on social media that questioned my character. And I’ll own it by the way. But that is not what I believe, and it is not what we teach. And I understand how this has made you feel, and I apologize,” said Pastor Hodges.

Pastor Chris Hodges issues a statement.
Pastor Chris Hodges issues a statement. (Source: Church of the Highlands)
Pastor Chris Hodges issues a statement
Pastor Chris Hodges issues a statement (Source: Church of the Highlands)
Pastor Chris Hodges statement.
Pastor Chris Hodges statement. (Source: Church of the Highlands)

“We get caught up on a lot of things and we want to draw people into boxes, and we want to judge people. And the sad part is, the majority of the Bible is about love and tolerance. I don’t feel that,” said Wright.

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