60-day grace period on Tuscaloosa’s tint law

Complaints lead to police policy changes in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) -The Tuscaloosa police chief said drivers are now under a 60-day grace period on a tint law from 1996 that has recently been actively enforced.

District 2 Councilor Raevan Howard, Police Chief Brent Blankley and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox held a news conference Monday morning to address the law, the community and recent protests in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The tint law that was passed in 1996 has been enforced under Chief Blankley because of officer safety.

Blankley said officers are seeing cars with five percent tent on the front windows and officers can’t see inside to see what’s going on.

District 2 Councilor Raevan Howard said she appreciates the relationship between the Tuscaloosa community and the police force. She said the grace period will help drivers adjust to the law who may not be familiar.

The 60-day grace period allows drivers to get ready for the law - which means the front windows can’t have limo tint or five percent tint. You can legally have 32 percent tint on the front windows.

The law will be enforced across the city.

Mayor Maddox and Chief Blankely also addressed the recent peaceful protests in Tuscaloosa. Both leaders say they welcome the protests and asked people to keep them peaceful going forward.

Maddox said what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis is not just a police issue, it’s a social, economic and health care issue. Maddox said as a community we need to work together to somehow, someway to have a positive impact after Floyd’s tragic death.

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