‘I wanted to hug him’: UAB police sergeant discharged Tuesday after battling COVID-19 since March

UAB Police Sgt. Parnell Guyton is home

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: UAB Police Sgt. Parnell Guyton is back home!

Guyton has spent the last month at Spain Rehabilitation after a 59-day stay in the COVID-19 ICU unit at UAB Hospital. He was on a ventilator for 45 days.

Guyton’s precious son, Andrew said he missed his dad, wanted to hug him and can’t wait to play games on TV with his dad.

Guyton said he wanted to thank people who have prayed for him. He is excited to be going home to his wife, Fekisha, and son Andrew. Guyton said he is working out and working to get physically stronger every day.

Guyton said he wants people to know COVID-19 is serious, very real and anyone can get it. He also encouraged people to wear masks.

He spoke with the media after leaving Spain Rehab Tuesday.

ORIGINAL: After 59 days of hospitalization for COVID-19, officials at UAB Hospital say 47-year-old UAB Police Sergeant Parnell Guyton has been transferred to a rehabilitation unit to continue his recovery.

Sgt. Guyton received a ‘police escort’ from fellow officers and a celebratory sendoff from the Medical Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Unit staff.

UAB police sergeant recovering from COVID moved to rehab (SOURCE: UAB)

Guyton was one of UAB Hospital’s first and most severe COVID-19 patients. When he arrived, he was immediately placed on a ventilator and was on it for 45 days. He was in Medical Intensive Care for 23 days and spent 36 days in the Special Care Unit.

Two of the physicians at UAB say they can’t remember caring for anyone in their career with a worse case of acute respiratory distress syndrome that actually survived.

Now at Spain Rehab Center, Guyton will continue his recovery journey and hopes to soon be reunited with his wife and son.

UAB police Sgt. discharged from hospital after COVID-19 battle

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