Alabamians are recovering from COVID-19, one man shares his story

Alabama COVID-19 recoveries

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some good news about the COVID-19 pandemic this afternoon. 9,355 people in Alabama have recovered from COVID-19, 1,404 since last Thursday.

John Ambrose is among those who have recovered.

He said he had a party at his house at the begin of March, and decided to get tested for COVID-19 after learning one of his close friend and neighbor had been exposed to the virus.

“It happened to be that I was about a day or so early on having any symptoms and so my test came back negative, as a lot of people have experienced,” Ambrose said.

As he waited three days for those results to come back, the symptoms came on strong, and his doctor advised him to self-quarantine.

“I had a low-grade fever pretty much constantly, and then, we would call them sundowners. Around 5:00, my neighbor and I we would both just start to get whipped out, and that would take our fever up to probably 100, 101.5 to 102,” Ambrose explained.

Ambrose would spend the next 12 days in isolation, battling severe back pain and intestinal distress.

He sipped Pedialyte, water, and orange juice, because he was unable to eat, but managed to find humor in it all.

“I did lose about 14-15 pounds, and I kind of look at it as a good thing summer was coming. So, I’m just doing my best to try and keep it off,” Ambrose laughed.

And while there is a lot to be concerned about with regard to COVID-19, Ambrose said it’s time to stop focusing on the negative.

“For the most part people are going to be fine they’re going to get through it. It’s going to be a really tough 10 to 12 to 14 days, but once it’s over, life does get back to pretty much normal.”

Amborse said he’s feeling much better now, and plans to get antibody testing in the near future.

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