Homewood restaurant sends out survey to gauge customers’ comfort with dine-in option

Restaurant surveys people about reopening

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) - As restaurants struggle with when to re-open their dining rooms, one restaurant is reaching out to its customers for some input.

Real & Rosemary in Homewood said a lot of the decision behind reopening their dining room is based on customer confidence.

And the best way the owner thought she could gauge that is by sending out a survey to customers via email.

The first question of the survey asks customers whether they feel comfortable eating inside a restaurant right now.

The second asks if you've eaten inside a restaurant in the past couple weeks.

Owner Jennifer Mims said they’re doing less than half of their regular business with curbside delivery, but re-opening is an expensive and important decision, and one that she wants to weigh all options and opinions before making the final call.

“We certainly want to bring staff back when we feel like their jobs will be secure. We don’t want to have to go through any more layoffs or anything like that,” Mims said. “We want to continue to grow our business from here. So if that means that we need to stay in this mode for a couple more weeks or a month, we’re willing to do that to protect the long term future of the business.”

Mims said they had just opened their second location at the Summit in February, which is closed right now. She said they’re taking this week by week and will consider the survey submissions over the next couple of days.

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