UAB’s campus re-entry plan starts May 26

UAB back to campus

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The University of Alabama at Birmingham starts Phase I of the reopening plan for faculty and staff on Tuesday, May 26.

The Health System is on a separate transition plan.

This is part of the letter UAB posted on its website Friday.

UAB faculty and staff,

Earlier this week, the university announced a gradual, phased approach to campus re-entry detailed at

Phase I, which is set for May 26 through June 15, includes the gradual re-entry of some individuals with clinical or research responsibilities. This time period is a window in which individuals approved to return in this phase will begin campus re-entry; not everyone in Phase I will return May 26.

Before individuals in Phase I (or any future phase) re-enter campus, several steps must be completed:

Supervisors will draft a unit-specific operational re-entry plan and submit it for approval.

Subsequently, you will receive an email from Campus Learning (; emails from this address are not spam).

When you receive the email from the learning management system, follow the prompts and complete required training.

After you complete the COVID-19: Basic Safety and Awareness Course, you will be prompted to complete UAB HealthCheck, the UAB-specific COVID-19 Assessment Tool for self-reporting symptoms and exposure.

After you complete the required training and health check, your supervisor will be notified that you are approved to return to campus.

No one is permitted to return to campus until they have completed these steps and have clearance for re-entry from their supervisor. When you return, you must follow all safety guidelines. You should not initiate training modules until you receive prompts from Campus Learning by email. This is to verify that UAB personnel have completed their training.

Re-entry checklists are available to guide students, faculty and staff as they prepare for their return to campus and when they are on campus.

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