Birmingham Race Course is planning on a comeback

Birmingham Race Course is planning on a comeback
Birmingham Race Course. (Source: WBRC Staff)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the Birmingham Race Course is working with the state and local health authorities for better safety precautions for customers and staff.

A reopening date has not been announced for the Birmingham Race Course but is expected soon. The Jefferson County Department of Health’s most recent order prevents entertainment facilities from opening before June 6.

Safety measures at the race course include limited physical contact during purchases, betting and payouts; to restrict occupancy; and frequently cleaning the surfaces. Screening will also be provided for employees when entering the facility and signs will be posted barring customers with fevers or any symptoms related to COVID-19.

"We know how much suffering this virus has caused, and our first priority is protecting the health of our customers and our employees,” said Lewis Benefield, president of the Birmingham Race Course. “We’ve been using this shutdown to make sure we are moving forward in a way that makes sense for them, for us, and for the city of Birmingham as a whole. We are ready to get back in business and to put our people back to work. We have a large facility so spreading out machines and people is not problem for our operation.”

Race course officials used the extended shutdown to improve facilities and prepare for a major expansion.

The facility will reopen with 350 employees, but it is expected to grow as more machines are added in the upcoming year.

“Our business was growing and thriving before COVID-19,” says Benefield. “While we’ve been closed to the public, we have not been idle. We have been working to make sure we will return even stronger than before. We look forward to seeing all of our guests and employees soon, and we will be ready for them when they arrive.”

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