Local veterinarians seeing an increase of pets with snake bites

Snake bites and pets

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - Plenty of people are taking to Facebook voicing their concerns about pets being bitten by snakes.

We wanted to know if local animal hospitals are seeing an increase in those types of injuries, and local veterinarians said they are.

Dr. Jessica Caver from Steel City Emergency Vets says it’s common for pets to get bitten by snakes during the spring and summer months, but those numbers have increased recently and she believes that is because more people are getting their exercise outdoors during this pandemic.

“A lot of people are going to the creeks and rivers and going into areas where there’s a lot of water moccasins and pets are swimming and unfortunately, they get bitten by snakes,” Dr. Caver said.

Dr. Caver said we’re in the peak of snake bite season, and while most pets recover from those injuries fairly quickly, snake bites can be deadly.

“Depending on the type of snake that it is and depending on the amount of venom that’s injected, snakes can absolutely kill pets,” Dr. Caver said.

Fox is a dog that was admitted to the emergency room last Thursday after being bitten in the face by a snake.

He also suffered bruising down his neck.

He’s had several courses of anti-venom now, and is on the road to recovery, but Dr. Caver said it’s just another reminder to be vigilant when you’re out and about with your pets.

“We tend to ask you to take pictures of snake bites if your pet happens to be bitten by a snake. Keep your pet calm, don’t apply tourniquets, don’t apply ice. Just keep the pet as calm as you can and get it to a veterinarian as fast as possible,” Dr. Caver advised.

Copperhead and Rattlesnake bites tend to be the worst types of snake bites, and Dr. Caver said we have those in abundance in this area.

She also said there’s been an uptick in pets coming in with heat related injuries, so she’s reminding pet owners that now is not the time to keep pets locked in cars while you shop and run errands.

She recommends keeping your pet hydrated, giving them small amounts of water throughout the day, and ice chips are perfect on a hot day.

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