Calhoun graduate, Toyota employee honored at White House

Calhoun graduate, Toyota employee honored at White House
Jeffrey Neill (Source: Submitted photo)

WASHINGTON (WAFF) - A man from Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Huntsville was honored at the White House Friday.

Jeffrey Neill was one of 20 people in a group of graduates who were part of a special recognition program since they missed out on their ceremonies due to the pandemic.

He represented those working in trades.

Neill recently completed the advanced manufacturing technician program through Toyota at Calhoun Community College.

He's worked for the company since 2006, but decided to further his education at the age of 44.

Neill says better now than never.

"Just don’t ever think you cannot do it. I mean, after 29 years from graduating high school and now I’m graduating as a college graduate. And It’s never too late to go follow your dreams and do whatever you want to do. The sky’s the limit,” said Neill.

The day after he graduated, Toyota offered him a job in maintenance for the degree he just earned.

Neill plans to finish out his career with Toyota.

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