About 100 people being tested daily for coronavirus at Legion Field

Roughly 100 tests per day at Legion Field

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It's been a week since coronavirus testing started at Legion Field. Thursday, we got an update on how many people are getting tested. Local health officials are urging you to get a test.

About 100 people a day are being tested for coronavirus at Legion Field. It’s one of several testing sites in Jefferson County. Health officials say you don’t have to have symptoms to get a drive-thru test that takes about five minutes.

"Certainly, we have additional capacity to test a lot more so hopefully we can double our numbers over time,” Dr. David Hicks, Deputy Health Officer at the JCDH said.

About 4% of the county’s population has been tested so far for the virus according to Dr. Hicks. Its recommended you call to set up an appointment, but medical staff has been testing people without one too. Hicks is encouraging everyone to get tested, especially as more restrictions are lifted.

"There’s even more of a need in addition to the social distancing to get tested. Because if you get tested you will know if you are at risk of spreading coronavirus to another person and we still know as we’ve said in the past that most of the people that are spreading coronavirus are complete asymptomatic - you don’t know it,” Hicks said.

JCDH is working with the city of Birmingham on a more comprehensive testing plan that should be announced next week. That plan could include expanding testing to more neighborhoods around the city.

Testing takes place weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The number to call to schedule an appointment: 205-92C-OVID. That’s 205-922-6843.

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