COVID-19 numbers improving in Calhoun County

Update on Calhoun Co. COVID-19 fight

CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Calhoun County’s EMA workers say the county has reached a milestone in its fight against COVID-19 as numeric indicators for the disease are going down in the county.

For the first time since March 29, there are no hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Anniston. There have been no reported deaths since April 20. There are only nine new cases in the last seven days and eleven active cases overall.

EMA officials say part of the reason is that Calhoun County residents continue to wear masks, wash their hands, and continue to not touch their faces.

"The reason we're having these good numbers is that the people of Calhoun County are taking it seriously, and are doing these measures that have been recommended, social distancing and all of that. Taking it seriously is what kept our numbers down," says Myles Chamblee of the Calhoun County EMA.

As the county and the rest of the state continues to reopen, EMA officials urge continued caution.

They still have drive-thru testing sites, but at one at the Calhoun County AG Center last week, 92 people were tested and zero tested positive.

As COVID-19 numbers go down in Calhoun County, health workers intend to keep it that way.

A group of medical facilities held another drive-thru testing clinic at Oxford Lake Park in Oxford Thursday where they held another one a few weeks ago.

RMC and St. Michael's collaborated to set up the drive, which used the standard swab testing.

As more of Alabama and more of Calhoun County reopens, the workers who conduct these tests look for numbers to rise.

"The numbers do have a tendency to go up as a result of that, and all we're trying to do is make sure that we continue to emphasize that this is a very real, very dangerous disease. And we want to keep up the public consciousness as much as we can," said Joe Weaver, CEO of Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, an arm of RMC.

RMC still conducts drive-thru testing near the Medical Arts building in Anniston.

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