‘Nanny’ in assisted living reunited with family after two months

86-year-old surprised by family

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Perched on the balcony, Nita “Nanny” Denison danced and smiled.

She hadn’t seen her loved ones in eight weeks. Visitors still aren’t allowed inside the facility, so the Denison family made the most of it.

Every generation came to visit Nanny, including baby Henry, who she met for the first time ever.

“Hey nanny, we miss you so much,” Her family cheered from outside the assisted living facility.

'We’ll be together again soon, as soon as the craziness is over, we’ll be together again.”

“I love you!”

A dose of love, in every voice.

“She’s used to one of us being here everyday,” said her son Steve.

It was music to Nanny Denison’s ears.

“It says Nanny, we love you! Nanny, we love you!”

Fair Haven says it is doing its best to make sure families can at least see their loved ones from afar.

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