Anniston council approves incentives, land for downtown hotel

Incentives for new Anniston hotel project approved

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - A new hotel is apparently on its way to Anniston.

The Anniston City Council approved a plan Tuesday night to give some property it owns at 12th and Noble Streets to TUF Hospitality, an Arizona-based development group that plans to build a hotel on the site.

Karlos Dansby, a retired NFL player, is one of the backers of the development.

The city will also pay for some $50,000 worth of offsite improvements and $100,000 in underground utilities, if needed.

Councilor Ben Little says the council approved all of that under a 772 incentives plan. He says there could be more on the horizon in the near future.

"The third building down here is the old Calhoun Theater. That belongs to the city already, so if we can get the other two buildings at a decent price, then we can tear down everything in this whole block. And we're looking at some things, in concept and development, of this entire block," Little says.

Little says the company is looking into other projects for west Anniston and south Christine Avenue.

The company has to meet a number of deadlines, or the land will revert to the city government.

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