What happens after safer at home order is lifted?

Safer at Home order expires Friday

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Governor Ivey’s Safer at Home order is supposed to be lifted this Friday. We could see more businesses reopening. Dr. Michael Saag, an infectious disease doctor at UAB who has also recovered from having coronavirus, is concerned a lot of people are going to plow right back into life as it was pre-COVID-19.

Saag says this virus is still active in the state and says you are still susceptible to it. Saag wouldn’t necessarily focus on what could open back up, but he says you need to focus on keeping yourself, your family, and the community healthy and don’t disregard social distancing just because the order is lifted.

Saag says wearing a face mask helps and washing your hands frequently still matters.

“Just because something is open, just because something is available doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to go necessarily. So keep your eyes and ears open. Be smart about where you engage because if you see a large gathering of people especially if those folks are not wearing masks, avoid it,” Dr. Saag said.

We’re told the governor’s office is expected to release new guidance this week about what’s next if the Safer at Home order is lifted. Once we learn more, we’ll let you know.

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