Jacksonville State University begins reopening process

Parts of JSU reopened Monday

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Jacksonville State University began the slow process of reopening on Monday.

The school's summer session will still be online, as was the later part of spring semester, after the school was closed due to the Governor's orders about COVID-19.

But on Monday, the school’s administration building - Bibb Graves Hall - reopened for everyone.

There was a station set up inside the front of that building to take the temperature of anyone who came inside the building, and to offer them gloves and masks.

"I feel like it's way easier, now that we were able to go into Bibb Graves rather than wait on a phone call or wait on an email," says Savannah Ervin, who will be a junior in the fall and plans to take summer classes.

“I felt very reassured when I walked in there and I saw that they were taking your temps and your vitals and stuff and they offered free gloves and masks, it reassured me they were trying to do the right thing,” says Michael Kennedy, who will also be a junior in the fall.

The school’s fitness center, as well as the bookstore and library, were also reopened as well. The library is only open to students with an ID, faculty, and staff for now, but not the general public. We noticed a number of students going into the school’s fitness center.

Hand sanitizer stations were set up inside the buildings.

The students who spoke to us say they would feel confident about returning to class on campus in the fall, as along as faculty, staff, and students all exercised social distancing and proper hygiene.

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