COVID-19 testing for anyone begins Thursday at Legion Field

You must make appointment before going to testing location

Testing at Legion Field begins Thursday

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County health officials and leaders are hoping people will take advantage of testing offered starting Thursday morning at Legion Field.

Testing will not be limited to only those who have symptoms or those in a high risk profession - it’s open to anyone.

But first, you have to make an appointment. You can call 205-92-COVID (that’s 205-922-6843) or go to the Ross Bridge Medical Center website by clicking here. They are conducting the tests.

Everyone wants a big turnout and there is a concern that might not happen.

Pastors and city leaders came to Legion Field Wednesday to explain the process. Those who made appointments will drive to the west side of the stadium. They will go into gate 6 and there will be medical personnel to take a swab from you.

“We are going to make sure every patient that comes through here is out in five to seven minutes. If you are in a car, stay in your car,” Purvi Shah, co-founder and CEO of Ross Bridge Medical Center, said.

Once they are finished, you will drive out gate 4.

The Ross Bridge Medical Center will notify you in 24-48 hours of the test results.

The Jefferson County Health Department says they have been flooded with calls to this point.

“We are going to look to see how things go. We will have to work it out. We will be learning as we go along. If there is increased demand, we have the ability to scale up and get bigger,” Dr. David Hicks, Deputy Health Officer JCDH, said.

But some pastors expressed concerns that people will not take advantage of this mass testing offer. “It would be a travesty of justice if our lord allows this to come pass and our people don’t come out and take advantage of it,” Pastor Joseph Turner, Memorial Missionary Baptist Church, said.

The testing starts Thursday and will run weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Birmingham Police are expected to be there. Park board employees will help move people into and out of the area.

But the important thing to remember is you can’t just show up - you have to make that appointment by calling the number above or using the website link above.

If you don’t have insurance to cover the cost of the testing, the Jefferson County Health Department will cover the cost.

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