Birmingham Barons in holding pattern over start of season

Birmingham Barons waiting on MLB decision

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Baseball fans are getting anxious. They want to see games and that certainly applies at Regions Field and the Birmingham Barons.

Barons General Manager Jonathan Nelson, like most of us, wants to see baseball games again. The Barons typically have good crowds. They’ve lead the Southern League in attendance for a number of years since coming to Regions Field. While the ballpark is empty now, the Barons hope to get word soon that it’s time to play ball.

For baseball fans, the loss of games has been tough to take. “This is basically a legendary park. People come from all over. They love the Barons and I’m a big Barons’ fan because it means so much to the community and the people who love baseball,” Adam Parker said.

Nelson said before the Barons can start playing again, Major League Baseball has to decide on their season first and work out a deal with the players. “We are in a holding pattern when it comes to our season and ultimately the biggest domino that has to fall first is the Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball must set and define their season,” Nelson said.

Nelson said he hopes their season can be stretched longer into the fall than normal to make up for lost games. He also says they are prepared to do what they must to open up safely for their fans and players. “We have been working hard. We are waiting as patiently as possible. Obviously, our mindset is to get through this as healthy for everybody in the community,” Nelson said.

But are baseball fans concerned or fearful of returning to the ballpark with the threat of coronavirus still out there?

“I feel like everything will go very smoothly. Basically practicing social distancing. Yes, the situation that is going on now. Feel comfortable with fans and getting back to the game,” Parker said.

Nelson said the Barons will follow whatever restrictions or guidelines the city of Birmingham, the public health department, or the CDC will offer to get baseball up and running again.

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