Tuscaloosa area schools offer virtual emotional support for students

Virtual emotional support

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - With school campuses closed, it’s been a challenging time for families and students.

It also means school counselors and teachers aren't able to see their students to catch any signs of emotional or physical distress.

Tuscaloosa school districts are trying to get the word out that help is available.

Teachers and school counselors are usually the eyes and ears of a school and can tell if something is off with a child.

In order to help fill that gap, Tuscaloosa City and County Schools are turning to online options to reach out to their students.

Tuscaloosa County Schools started posting videos of counselors giving tips on how to deal with the emotional toll of being away from a traditional school setting.

Tuscaloosa City Schools’ counselors and social workers continue to serve students through phone calls and virtual meetings.

Tuscaloosa City Schools superintendent Dr. Mike Daria encourages families to reach out to their school, where an arrangement will be set up to meet the counseling or social need of the child.

“This is an amazing group of people and their commitment, their relentless work in making sure our students are taken care that continues even in this at home setting. The most important part of this is that they are finding every way possible to be available to their students and our families," said Daria.

Child Abuse Prevention Services in Tuscaloosa is putting different coloring books that show good and bad touches, and tip cards promoting online safety in the school lunch bags.

The cards also encourage students to discretely seek help if abuse is going on in the home.

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