University of Montevallo giving refunds for housing and unused meal plans

Financial relief for students

MONTEVALLO, Ala. (WBRC) - This is a trying time financially for so many people, but some local universities are trying to ease the burden for students.

"Every coin matters in college for sure,” said University of Montevallo student Sarah Engle.

The financial burden for students became even more clear when college campuses shut down because of COVID-19.

"Financially overwhelming because I am unemployed right now because everything is closed. That's already difficult in itself and just the burden of having to pay for your own school,” said Engle.

Sarah Engle is sacrificing special moments of her senior year at the University of Montevallo, but she's thankful the money paid this semester won't be sacrificed.

Students at the University of Montevallo will get refunds for housing from March 16 to May 1st and refunds for unused meal plans.

The school is also giving $1.2 million in federal emergency funds to students with financial hardships because of the pandemic.

The president posted a message to students saying “I appreciate the patience resilience, and positive spirit you have shown during this challenging time.”

Many college students didn't qualify to get a stimulus check from the government - so this extra money will help.

“It's nice to have the security blanket that they're not going to make you pay for something you didn't use,” said Engle.

Other state colleges are working on refund plans. The University of Alabama is offering prorated refunds for housing, parking, and meal plans. UAB is also offering prorated refund options for students in addition to allowing students to use the money towards the fall semester.

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