Local gyms eager to reopen, taking extra steps to sanitize

Recommendation to open gyms May 1st

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Good news for gym owners, according to new state and federal recommendations, if the government signs off, gyms can open back up May 1st, as long as members social distance.

Fitness 4U 24/7 in Hoover says as a small business, they can’t wait to get back up and running, but reassures members they are preparing to do so safely.

When gyms are allowed to reopen, the state recommends individuals stay six feet apart when working out. “If someone is on the treadmill or elliptical, don’t get on one right beside them,” said William Blake, owner of Fitness 4U 24/7.

Blake says they’ve put extra cleaning supplies throughout the gym and have also taken apart equipment to disinfect. They are even hiring a professional cleaning company to spray the entire gym before they reopen.

“We want to give our members a peace of mind. While we always did a good job of keeping the place clean, wiping things down, protecting it against all types of things that are typical for a gym, now with what we have with COVID going on right now, I want to make sure our members are safe, comfortable, and willing to come in," said Blake.

Fitness 4U 24/7 says the one advantage of being a smaller, intimate gym, unlike the big box gyms, is they never really have more than 10 people in the gym at one time. If members don’t feel comfortable, he also recommends changing the time you workout to prevent crowds.

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