UAB Football to start season ‘on time’

Will we play football this fall?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UAB football brings in about $3-$4 million a year and UAB Athletics Director Mark Ingram believes regardless of when or where it’s played, football season must happen.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Ingram said UAB football will kick off the season on September 3.

“Today, we’re playing on time,” Mark Ingram said.

Despite hearing conversations about having football season in the spring, Ingram believes no decision needs to be made this far out.

“We are four and half months away from the first football game. We saw that we were able to suspend our C-USA Basketball Tournament and the NCAA tournament in a matter of hours, so we don’t have to get so far out in front and not think we can’t do that for football," he said.

Ingram, along with every AD in Conference USA, has a conference call three times a week to discuss future plans.

“We’ve received some positive information from national news sources that we feel good about, but certainly as leaders, we have to plan for various scenarios," Ingram added. Scenarios like playing without fans, or even having a shorter season. “For the health and strength of all our organizations nationwide, we’d be better playing without fans than not at all."

Football helps fund 18 other sports at UAB and without it, Ingram said it could be detrimental to the future of some sports.

“If we were to have no football season, we will have much bigger challenges other than how does that effect the NFL Draft. We’ll have much bigger problems on our hands other than something simple like that," Ingram said.

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