Families survive devastating Boaz storm in their homes, NWS crews say it was EF2

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 3:28 PM CDT
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BOAZ, Ala. (WBRC) - NWS crews confirm an EF2 slammed into Boaz Easter Sunday night.

Daylight Monday made the damage in Boaz in Marshall and Etowah counties very real for neighbors in shick from the Easter night storm.

Very powerful winds destroyed homes, knocked down trees and power lines.

Mickey Ferguson looked at the area off Roberson Road, Hillview and Lee. The damage is devastating.

Families survived in these homes, homes that are now in pieces.

There are stories of beams lodging in homes and cars, flying pieces of debris in 60+ mile and hour winds.

Right now there are only minor injuries reported.

A family survived in the bathroom of this house that was destroyed.

Home destroyed in Boaz
Home destroyed in Boaz(@andrewfuller90)

A witness says the family had only minor injuries.

Several other homes were damaged across the city.

This is video of 431 Mini Storage. They are letting people who have proof they rented here come in and search through the wreckage for belongings that were stored in these units that were wiped out.

Neighbors tell us they are working together as a community to patch roofs and remove debris where they can.

Damage across Boaz area
Damage across Boaz area(WBRC)

Trees and debris were thrown all over yards and roads.

Damage across Boaz area
Damage across Boaz area(WBRC)

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