Birmingham small businesses getting loans this week

A lifeline for small businesses in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This week some Birmingham small businesses should start receiving check. These checks could keep their doors open and their workers employed.

This is part of the Birmingham Strong Program. The city approved spending a million dollars to help small businesses get through these tough times.

One business says without this program and helping hand they may be out of business right now.

Global Team Staffing has been in Birmingham since 2015. It provides workers for the food and hospitality industry, but ever since the coronavirus has hit, there have been tough times.

“I lost 95% of my business. 95% of business because I was in the food business. The hospitality industry, hotels, and we totally lost those jobs,” said Gregory Minard.

In January, Minard had 144 workers. Today that number is 34. Without the $25,000 loan he would be forced to shut down.

“Close. I would have to close. I have insurance. We still have some workers still working. I have to keep my insurance with those guys there,” said Minard.

The city passed funding for the Birmingham Strong programs to help small businesses stay afloat until the coronavirus goes away.

“This is separate from what the federal government is doing. We think it’s important to add that extra layer of protection where we can for small businesses for those with 50 and under employees,” says Birmingham City Councilman Hunter Williams.

Minard hopes to get his check Tuesday or Wednesday.

“It’s a lifeline. It’s the only thing that is really keeping the doors open. It’s the only thing that is keeping those workers working for me right now,” said Minard.

Minard hopes to make it to June with help. He is also looking for federal assistance. He believes he will need help to cover losses for much of the rest of the year.

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